Sounds of Faith has been continuously broadcasted over the airways for more than  forty (40) years.  The program consists of a mixture of traditional and contemporary gospel music and includes guest speakers.  

Sounds of Faith extends artists' voices, lyrics and music beyond their local church walls to a global community.  For new artists, Sounds of Faith serves as a launching pad that allows them to express worship through quality and excellence.  For others, Sounds of Faith serves as an environment which allows their creative gifts to flow freely.  For you, Sounds of Faith offers the best gathering of gospel music for your listening pleasure.

You can hear Bro Don's Sound of Faith Gospel Program on any of the following internet stations:

For more information about Bro Don and Sounds of Faith, please contact him at:  Media packages are welcomed at 4030 Old Bainbridge Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32303.